At the start of its journey, the Mayflower had 102 passengers. They didn’t have airplanes back then so they went on a ship. The people who didn’t go with the ship wished them good-luck as they sailed away. Through the days, it was hard working along the journey. Many got sick or even very ill; some had to sleep on the hard ground or on straw. At least the 30 kids who came along lived and most of the adults did, too. Soon, 65 days had passed.
“Halfway there,” grumbled a man. That’s the first part of the Mayflower trip. Stay tuned! Second is the first colony.
“LAND! YAY! LAND HO!!” the people yelled. They made it to land—after months they finally made it! When they were all unpacked, three men went to search for food. While they were walking, suddenly there were five or six Native Americans!
“Just smile and act normal. Maybe they’ll talk,” said one of the men. Then the Indians ran off! So the men decided to search for the Indians. Days had passed and the men were exhausted.
“No Indians,” said one of the men. They decided to head back to the Mayflower crew. Months passed; still no one in the whole crew found an Indian. Hours passed and then one Indian came up smiling! The crew thought they were going to get killed! Actually, he had no weapons.
“Hello,” said the Indian. The crew was surprised. He could speak English.
“Welcome to our world,” said the Indian.
“How do you know English?” asked a passenger.
“Well I study your culture.” He said back. That’s the first colony. The Mayflower’s first time on the “Indian Island.”
Finally, the first THANKSGIVING! Soon the crew made friends with the Indians. Everything went well during the years.
“Wait,” the Indian yelled. “I have to bring Squanto!” Two years later the Indian came back with Squanto.
“Hello,” said Squanto. “Nice to meet you. Some people took me to Spain. I was worried, but then a man told me a boat would come and bring me back to my land.” The passengers smiled.
“Hey kids, come with me. I can teach you how to plant corn.” Squanto bought them to a stream filled with fish.
“First we gotta catch some fish,” he said
“And how does that relate to planting corn?” asked a kid confusedly.
“Just watch,” he replied. Squanto took a big net to catch the fish in, set it in the water and pulled it out. The net had lots of fish in it! Then he dug some dirt, put one fish in the hole, and buried it.
“Put two or three corn seeds on top of the fish.” said Squanto. “It helps keep it moist and grow. I learned it from my father.” Soon the place was busy, but in a good way. Then people were bringing turkeys, corn, potatoes, beans, rolls, and other food, to a long wooden table. Everyone else came for the feast.
“Before we begin…” said Squanto “Let’s pray for the ones who passed,” said the Mayflower captain. Everyone closed their eyes for about 30 or 20 seconds. And then they opened their eyes and started the feast.