My favorite movie is Monster High. I like it because it’s funny and it can be for boys and girls. It has boy and girl characters. It’s about a high school with monster kids. They have lots of episodes; my favorite is called “Why do Ghouls Fall in Love?”
There is a DVD with another episode I like called “Friday Night Frights.” This one is about a girl vampire who’s turning 1600 years old! Her favorite color is pink and her birthday is on Valentine’s Day. She has a heart mark on her left cheek (mostly her birthmark) that is pink, of course, and sparkles in the middle. She is also a vegetarian.
“All I want for my birthday is my awesome Fangtastic party!” she says. She only wants love for her birthday.
Then she comes under a love spell and doesn’t care about her party. So her friends come to the rescue and make her come to the party! VICTORY!
But you can just watch the movie. I got it from my birthday two days after Valentine’s Day! Fun fact: I heard you can get it at a movie store or you can order it online. And that’s really why I like the movie. Sorry I couldn’t really do a summary. But watch the movie, too! Good news,: it has a happy ending!!