Summary for chapter 1

“Number the Stars” is about a girl named Annemarie Johansen and her parents. After school she wants to race her friend, Ellen Rosen, with Annemarie’s little sister Kristi following behind, trying to catch up. When they were running they got stopped by Nazi soldiers and told not to run.  When they got home, of course, Kristi blabbed to their mother about what happened. Their mother, Mrs. Johansen, was frightened but Annemarie changed the subject.

Summary for chapter 2

Annemarie was telling a fairytale to her younger sister Kristi before bed, until she fell asleep. Soon after, Annemarie thought of how life changed, because of their leader, King Christian X, her father Mr. Johansen, and her older sister Lise Lise had died from an earlier accident. She also thought of how the Nazis came and fought against their country, Denmark.

Summary for chapter 3

Annemarie and Kristi are getting ready for school when their mother noticed Kristi’s jackets button is broken. After school Mrs. Johansen plans for them to go to the button shop to get it fixed. When Annemarie and Kristi got to the button shop, it was closed! Later at night their old friend Peter surprisingly showed up. When he came that night they asked if he knew why the store was closed. He said the Nazis closed the store because it run by a Jewish family.

Summary for chapter 4

Ellen didn’t have school on Thursday because she is going to Synagogue for her Jewish holiday. Later that day Ellen’s mom, Mrs. Rosen, came to talk to Mrs. Joahnsen. Although Mrs. Rosen didn’t come into the house, she asked if Mrs. Johansen could take care of Ellen for a few days. At dinner Ellen was very quiet. After dinner, when Mrs. Johansen left the room, Annemarie asks Ellen and her father what happened to Ellen’s parents. Her father said Peter had to take the Rosens to a safe place.

Summary for chapter 5

Annemarie and Ellen were talking in Annemarie’s bedroom. Ellen asked “Do you think soldiers will come?” Annemarie didn’t think so, neither did her parent. But later in the night they did. Ellen had to pretend to be Lise Johanson, Annemarie’s older sister that had passed away. The soldiers were very suspicious. Ellen had dark hair, and Annemarie and Kristi had blonde hair. Luckily, Lise had had dark hair too.

Summary for chapter 6

Annemarie’s mother took the family including Ellen to her brother Henrik’s house. Uncle Henrik lived far, so they had to take a train. Henrik was a fisherman who owned a boat, Ingeborg. Soon they came to their stop and Mrs. Johansen decides to go through the woods to his farm. When they’re walking through the woods Annemarie’s mother talks about her childhood living here.

Summary for chapter 7

When they get to uncle Henrik’s farm, Annemarie takes Ellen to see the ocean. If you look across the ocean you can see an island, the country Sweden. While they walked, there was a little kitten that stayed with them the whole time until they got to Uncle Henrik’s farm. But there were more soldiers there, so her mother told them to be careful.

Summary for chapter 8

The next day at Uncle Henrik’s farm, it was a beautiful day so Annemarie, Ellen, and the kitten played out doors. Annemarie and Ellen picked wildflowers and Annemarie introduced Ellen to Uncle Henrik’s cow, Blossom. Later that day, Annemarie was listening to Uncle Henrik and her mother’s conversation. Great Aunt Birte has died and is coming in her casket before she is buried. Annemarie never heard of any “Great Aunt Birte.” Does she really exist?

Summary for chapter 9

Annemarie was still very confused about the “Great Aunt Birte,” so she decided to tell uncle Henrik’s that she was listening to their conversation and wants to talk about it. Henrik said there was no Aunt Birtie, they were trying to protect Annemarie from the truth. Then they heard it, the hearse. They came to bring in the casket. Other Jewish people came in to the house and then into the living room of their house where the casket was.

Summary for chapter 10

Many Nazi soldiers began coming to the house. Annemarie’s mother spoke to a soldier but he slapped her! They demanded the casket to be opened but fortunately the soldiers left before discovering what was inside. Peter arrived, bringing the Rosens. Peter opened the casket and it was holding clothes for the Jewish families to have when they left to safer places.

Summary for chapter 11

Peter began organizing groups of Jewish families to get to a Henrik’s ship that was headed to Sweden for safety. Each groups had to be quiet and avoid the Nazi soldiers to make it to the ship.

Summary for chapter 12

Annemarie’s mother helped the Rosens including Ellen onto the Henrik ship that night.  Annemarie waited for her mother to return but she soon fell asleep. When she woke up, around 4 o’clock, she wondered where her mother was. She looked in every room of the house but she couldn’t find her.

Summary for chapter 13

Annemarie looked out the window of the house. There she was, her mother, lying on the ground outside. Annemarie ran outside to help her. Her mother had tripped on a root from a tree last night in the dark and hurt her ankle badly.

Summary for chapter 14

Annemarie noticed something on the doorstep. It was the package Peter gave to Mr. Rosen that had fallen out of Mr. Rosen’s pocket when he had tripped. Her mother sent Annemarie with a basket and the package hidden under some food she put inside. Annemarie had to give the package to her Uncle Henrik. If she saw any soldiers, she was to say she was bringing lunch to the fishermen.

Summary for chapter 15

Annemarie walked along the long dark path. Fortunately, she knows the way to her uncle’s dock. While she was walking with the basket in her hand, she thought of Little Red Riding Hood, and how she relates to the story. She was almost there, when something stops her. There were Nazi soldiers, right in front of her.

Summary for chapter 16

The soldiers asked “What are you doing here?” They looked in her basket. Annemarie would try to act like Kristi would in this situation, not scared at all. However the soldier soon saw the package. “What is this?” The soldier asked her. “I don’t know,” Annemarie said. Which was true, she didn’t know what was in the package. Then the soldier ripped open the package. It had been a handkerchief to help the Jewish families escape. Fortunately, the Rosen and the other families escaped on Henrik’s ship to Sweden.

Summary for chapter 17

The war lasted two years. The day the war ended bells rang. Annemarie was now twelve. Everyone went outside or on their balconies, waved flags, and celebrated this happy day. Annemarie went to get Ellen’s necklace from the safe place she hid it.  Annemarie decides until Ellen gets back from Sweden, she was going to wear it.  It was the Jewish Star of David.