I think people should stop polluting and littering. The first reason they should stop is because when they throw things in the ocean there are animals that live in the ocean and sometimes they think the garbage is food and they eat it and die!
What if you were an animal swimming in the ocean and there was bacteria and oil and garbage all over? It would be gross! It’s not good to just throw litter all over! You have to think before you do anything bad. Think about the world around you. If you see anything lying around, make a change and pick it up and throw it away or recycle it!
If you are looking at the sunset over the water and you see crummy things floating around, that wouldn’t be nice to look at!! If you’re walking in a field and there is garbage lying around, pick it up! If you’re the person who throws things, just stop!
Think about it. It isn’t good to do things like that. It’s sad to see people polluting and littering. I would tell them, “Make a change and do the right thing.” So please don’t pollute or litter! You’re not the only living thing on earth! Sometimes, plants die from garbage.
Think, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, and MAKE A CHANGE. Help the world we live in.