In the book the Maze Runner, Thomas went through a very long, emotional roller coaster throughout his time in the Glade and the Maze. The theme of Sacrifice was developed in several scenes in the story; when Chuck dove in front of Thomas seeing the knife being thrown at him, when Thomas entered the Maze at the last minute seeing Minho and Alby struggling to make it, and when Alby partially sacrificed and distracted the Grievers, so the others might have a chance to escape the Maze.

First off, a scene that developed the theme of sacrifice in The Maze Runner was when Chuck threw himself in front of Thomas risking his life for friendship. Seeing Gally throw the dagger without warning was surprising and terrifying for Thomas and for Chuck. The author used lots of imagery in this scene because, as in the text, “With a sickening wet thunk, the dagger slammed into Chuck’s chest, burying itself to the hilt. The boy screamed, fell to the floor, his body already convulsing” (Dashner 356). Showing how Chuck had been hit with the dagger changed the mood from heartbreaking to even disgust. Even though Thomas was filled with sadness and misery, Thomas knew he couldn’t help his friend and had to move on forward to escape, at least for his friends. As in the text, “Thomas reeled in pain, locked it somewhere deep inside him. He did it for Teresa. For Newt and Minho. Whatever darkness awaited them, they’d be together” (359). This showed how Thomas had to go on. Chuck’s act of sacrifice even inspired Thomas to care for his friends and do whatever it takes to survive what comes next.

On the other hand, Thomas had entered the Maze as the doors were closing between the Maze and the Glade. The author used a series of similes throughout his journey of surviving the Maze overnight, like, “Thomas felt like the world had frozen in place” (113) and “Twilight had fallen, and the mammoth walls looked like enormous tombstones in a weed infested cemetery for giants” (113). Knowing that no one ever survived the Maze overnight, Thomas still risked himself for Minho and Alby. Also, knowing Alby was stung would cause his escape from the Grievers harder as well. Through the situation of terror, Thomas saved Alby and impressed Minho with his act of sacrifice and bravery. This act further built the theme of sacrifice in the novel.

Last but not least, acts of sacrifice in the book were not only for friendship. Alby sacrificed himself bravely and as a distraction for the other boys. Thomas thought Alby finally flipped once and for all, but I never thought that was one hundred percent true. As in the quote, “Instead of responding, Alby took off running—he headed straight for the pack of Grievers between him and the Cliff” (333). Meaning, Alby just went for the gold and didn’t let anyone stop him. No matter how Newt cried Alby didn’t run back; and risked his own life for them to the Grievers. Alby’s sacrifice accomplished a lot like how no matter what happens we have to move on, and you have to do whatever it takes to get through the obstacles of life.

In conclusion, Thomas had reacted and responded to sacrifice not always knowing he’d survive or know if lives would be lost. I think the theme Sacrifice was built in The Maze Runner because of the three scenes I pointed out, how Chuck saved Thomas, when Thomas jumped into the maze seeing Minho and Alby stuck, and when Alby went to fight off some of the Grievers for the boys and Teresa when they were trying to escape. The author also used imagery, similes, and foreshadowing in the book.