One Saturday morning, I woke up very excited—my friend, Ella, and her little sister, Alena, were coming over and sleeping over! We weren’t going to pick her up right away in the morning so we went shopping! First, we went to the World Thrift Store Ella’s mom recommended to us. We must’ve went on the busiest day because it was sooooo busy! But I still got some clothes.
After World Thrift, we went to Target to get me some shoes. Lucky me, I had a Target gift card for $20! I really wanted to get a certain pair of shoes but they were too much, so I got a different pair. We also looked for some sunglasses for me, but they were all too big.
After that we went to a restaurant to get some lunch. I got a wrap with turkey, cheese, lettuce, and tomato. When we finished eating, we went to Nutrition Cottage for some groceries. Since we needed some more groceries, we went to Publix. After getting a lot of groceries, we went to CVS to see if there were any sunglasses for me there. They didn’t have either, so we decided to order them online.
Then FINALLY, we got to pick up Ella and Alena! We were early and they hadn’t packed yet, so I helped. When we finished, we drove to my house. When we got there, I showed them the Fishtail Braid. I did it on Alena and then on myself. Since it was hot out and we were bored, we decided to go in the pool, which was refreshing. When we got out, we had dinner while watching a movie. We couldn’t decide what to watch so my dad said we should watch Jumanji. None of us had watched it, but my dad did and said it was good. So we tried it. It was really good! It had lots of action, no really scary parts, and lots of exciting parts.
When the movie was over, we brushed our teeth. We played some games and then had to go to bed. Alena fell asleep but Ella and I didn’t so we put some music on low so it wouldn’t wake up Alena. We lip-synched, acted out dramatically, talked, partied, read a little, and then fell asleep.
I woke up at 6:50 am and found out that Ella snored. We shared the bed together while Alena slept on the floor mattress. Ella did take up quite a lot of space on the bed. I woke Alena and told her she was snoring and you could hear her—it was funny. When Ella finally woke up, we told her she snored.
Ella read her book while I showed Alena a world puzzle. When my dad came in he scared us, which was funny. We ate breakfast and my dad said we were meeting our friends Carlee and her baby at the beach. So after breakfast we packed our clothes, brushed our hair and our teeth. We went in the morning because it isn’t as hot and there’s fewer people. When we arrived, we played in the ocean while we waited.
When Carlee and her baby got there, we talked a little, then with my dad’s help we buried each other in the sand. It felt weird, but it was fun. Ella decided all three of us should come out like zombies from the dead, except our heads weren’t buried. After that, we went in the ocean and jumped over waves. Before we all left, we washed our body, feet, and hair. We drove home while partying and listening to music and played “Tarzan the Monkey Man” and “Concentration.”
At home, I tested the pool water to see if the temperature was good, and jumped in the pool, followed by Alena and then Ella. It was so warm! After swimming we had lunch while watching the movie Girl vs. Monster, which was really good!
My friends helped me finish my chores and then we watched one episode of My Babysitter’s a Vampire. After, we had a little time to go to the park, but it wasn’t long.
Then, sadly, we had to drop them off. I wished I could have stayed at their house for a little, but it was Sunday—school tomorrow—and we had plans. L Their babysitter and their mom was there. I helped them carry their stuff inside and then my dad and I said, “Bye, see you soon!”
I wish I could have stayed! …Then we drove off.