This is my book review of one of my favorite books “Smile”.
Raina always just wanted to be normal sixth grader. But, after one night of Girl Scouts heading to Raina’s house, she trips, and injures her two front teeth, really badly. Things just got worse after that. She has to go through on and off braces, teeth surgery, a retainer with fake teeth, orthodontists, and even headgear! Raina has to go through lots of dental drama, boy confusion, siblings, friends who at the end, really aren’t that friendly, school, and a major earthquake that hits her town in California. The story Smile goes through Raina’s true story from sixth grade to high school.
Even with Raina’s teeth problems, she still tries to act normal. Her dentist had said after the fall that her two front teeth sit higher above her mouth, causing damage to some nerves in the front of her mouth. Even though her teeth were never normal, at the end when she finally got her braces off, and they weren’t coming back on, she was proud. Her friends did change over the years but soon when she throws her “friends” overboard, Raina finds her true voice, the friendship she really needs, and, when she can finally smile again.