The Cay

Phillip and Timothy are best friends and they live in Denmark. Both of their fathers are fishermen, and they love going out on the fishing boats, which is how they first met.

Suddenly, the sound of torpedoes fill the air. Submarines, Aircrafts, and the Nazis. Phillip, Timothy and everyone else run to shelter. Once the latest attack ends, the boys, who cannot find their families, decide to take a fishing boat to escape the Nazis. While on the boat, a hurricane strikes, taking them off course and leaving them stranded… on an island? They don’t know.

Phillip and Timothy not only survive the Nazi attacks and the hurricane, they find themselves amid parched palm fronds and sugar canes, with driftwood laying on the ground and reefs off shore.  Were they in Curacao?

Phillip and Timothy have to survive the Nazis, a major hurricane ruining their plans, possibly losing their family and being stranded. Could life get any worse? Will they make it out of these disasters and make it back home? …