This is a book review i did for the Inn Between
The Inn Between is a very unusual place, says best friends Quinn Martin and Kara Cawston. The two friends met in kindergarten and are still friends now. Kara is going to move away soon, so Quinn takes the last trip with Kara to west Nevada. Things got stranger since the trip started. Starting with the weird buzzing noises and the Diner they first went to. They stopped at the first hotel they see, and soon everything changes. The place gives Quinn the creeps from the look of the name. The Inn Between. And their slogan, we’ve been expecting you. Things around them became more and more real, and the mysterious disappearance of Kara’s parents and brother, Josh, sends sad thoughts to Kara and Quinn.
Quinn has seen things that Kara and everyone else haven’t seen. She tried explaining but they wouldn’t believe her. There was no proof. Soon, the two girls are left alone at the Inn Between and have lots of problems and mysteries to solve. With the woman behind the front desk, Persephone, who always seems to be there, even when everyone’s asleep, Quinn doesn’t seem to trust her one bit. She told Kara, but she thought she was nice and friendly. With her warm smile, and chirpy voice, Quinn had a hard time trusting strangers, especially ones who appeared polite and pleasant.
Will Quinn and Kara be able to solve these mysteries about The Inn Between, Kara’s family and escape, or will they be stranded in the middle of the desert of the Inn Between?