Chapter 1
It was a nice sunny day outside. My friend Mike and I were camping in the woods. I brought my video camera, just in case something happened that was worth the tape.
It was getting into the afternoon and after our hike we spotted a bear family! We were very interested in the outdoors, so we went to our camp and I grabbed my video camera. Mike grabbed something as well, but I was too excited to see what. Mike and I went back to the sight. We saw the mother—the biggest bear—and four cubs. I think the father left the family, probably for food. Anyway, we approached slowly and I turned on my video camera.
Suddenly, I noticed the mother bear look dead at my friend. Her ears perked up and she slowly stood up and walked in front of her cubs. What for? Then I realized we were probably in her space and should go.
“We should probably—” I looked at Mike. He was clenching a gun! Why in the WORLD did he bring that?!
“Mike! Why’d you bring that?! Now let’s go!!” I shouted and started running. I was getting mad. How could he do this?
“Sorry! Just in case…!” Mike trailed off and started after me. The mother bear probably sensed danger and was angry because she started chasing after us! This was bad.
After running full speed into the woods, the bear was catching up. I saw Mike quickly climb a tree. He was shaking. His hat fell off and dropped to the ground.
“Sorry! Sorry!” he said to the bear.
The bear didn’t seem to accept his apology and started scratching the tree, trying to climb up.
“It’s okay, Mike! I’ll call animal rescue!” I said, worried. Then I realized my video camera was still on.
After my horrified call, they said they’d come in a couple minutes. They suggested I call 911, but I was too worried about all the drama—it would cause the bear to… “freak out.” The bear was getting closer to Mike! But if I interfere, she’ll come after me!
“Stay calm. Mike. Try climbing higher!” I kept the camera on the situation, just in case. The bear was growling and tried to climb upward. I backed up a little, just to be safe. When were the rescue people coming? I thought.
“It’s okay, hang in there!” I said, getting nervous. Mike was my best friend.
I finally heard footsteps come closer and closer. Finally I felt some relief. Then I realized it was a group of kids playing around. Bad timing.
Then suddenly, my camera went dead.