The Goddess of the Sea
Melodia was born loving water, sea life, and swimming. Melodia has long blonde hair, pale skin, and a graceful body meant for swimming. This is the story of how Melodia came to rule the ocean and how we trust her to keep it safe.
Melodia was a Greek mortal, just an average girl, who especially loved to swim in the ocean. No one else liked the ocean because it was saltwater and they thought saltwater was bad for your body and a curse for your health.
Melodia, who names means “music” or “song,” didn’t believe what the people believed, and swam in the ocean every day. After she was done swimming, she felt fine and was surprised people thought saltwater was bad, even though they never had actually touched it.
Melodia would tell her mother she was visiting friends but actually went to swim in the ocean. Her mother would’ve been very mad and shocked she actually went swimming. One day, Melodia decided to go to have a swim in the ocean again. This time, she swam deep and far out into the ocean, to a place she’d never been before. She loved looking at fish, coral, sometimes turtles, and seaweed. She didn’t know a bad rainstorm was ahead of her.
Melodia didn’t know the rainstorm started until she heard the noise of hard rain hitting the surface of the water. By then it was too late, she was caught in eye of the storm. The noise got louder and louder, and then she heard thunder. She swam faster, the opposite way she was going, full speed.
Suddenly she felt a tingly feeling in her skin. Her hair got shiny, and blue highlights gleamed in her hair. The air around her shined brightly and her skin turned light. Her hands began to move rapidly. The water moved the way her hands moved. She could control water. Melodia could move more swiftly in the water when she moved her arms and legs. She got to shore quicker than she would have before.
As she reached the shore, she heard three people stranded on a boat in the middle of the ocean, they knew for sure nobody could help them. They were just about to crash in the heavy waves, their motor was down. Melodia could feel them. As she closed her eyes, she put her hands by her sides, arms straight and calmed the waves. The people stranded on the boat knew it was Melodia helping them. Melodia put her arms straight forward in front of her. The waves pushed the boat forward, toward safety.
Melodia was not mortal anymore, she had become a Goddess! She began patrolling the world’s seas, helping boats, saving lives, and helping sea creatures big and small.
Everybody loved Melodia, she controlled the sea and helped people. Whenever someone, or something was in trouble and it had to do with water or some sort, they would think of Melodia. Just like other gods and goddess, Melodia would help. People in Greece and all around the area would pray to her for safe voyages, good fishing and calm waters. `