Hi all! I wrote this short story a long time ago when i was a small bean, about my best friend (to this day) Nyah who sadly moved to California about 6 years ago.
One bright morning I woke up in my bed in an excited mood (not normal because I honestly, really hate mornings)! My friend Nyah is coming in the morning, sleeping over, and staying until lunch the next day! I was so excited I hopped out of bed. Literally! I said good morning to my dad, ate breakfast, got dressed, brushed my hair, and brushed my teeth.
Then suddenly my dad said, “Sophia! I have some bad news…”
“What is it?” I asked, slowly walking to him.
“I got a text from Nyah’s mom…” He paused to look at me. “I’m afraid that Nyah won’t have any time to come today.” I tried not to scream or start to cry while I ran to my room. I was just mad at Nyah. This DIDN’T turn out how I wanted it to. The day was lonely after that.
Later that night at about 7:45, the doorbell rang. I went up to the door to check. First I thought it was someone delivering a package or one of the FedEx people. But it wasn’t.
“Dad!” I yelled, “It’s Nyah, she’s here!” I opened the door quickly and excitedly and caught a quick glance of my dad walking up from behind me. Nyah walked in and we shared a great bear hug until her mom said, “Oh, don’t forget your bag! It has all of your things you’ll need!” Then she handed the bag to Nyah.
“Thanks mom,” said Nyah. She hugged her mom, then me, and then waved to my dad and the rest of us while she walked to her car.
“Here, I’ll take your bag and put it in Sophia’s room while you take your shoes off. It’s nice to see you again, Nyah,” my dad says, offering to take her bag as he walked away.
“Nice to see you, too.” Nyah replied and took off her flip flops by the door.
My dad made oven pizza a little while later as we talked about what happened that morning.
“Yeah, sorry about that! I had to go to a birthday party, and you know how long they take,” said Nyah.
“That’s alright,” I replied. “I was just kinda bummed because I thought you wouldn’t come at all…” After dinner we played in my room and on the Wii for a while. When it was almost 11:00 pm, we had to stop. We got a snack and then brushed our teeth. We said goodnight to my dad and headed to my room. I was happy Nyah came—at least she came later than not at all.
Sometimes things don’t turn out the way you expect, but there’s always a happy, wonderful ending.