This was one of my school projects on the chocolate Toblerone, because honestly, it’s one of my absolute favorites! Plus is was so fun learning about it.
Toblerone is a sweet, famous, and delectable chocolate. Jean Tobler owned a factory that manufactured sweets in Bern, Switzerland. Jean eventually gave his factory to his son, Theodor. The chocolate Toblerone was invented in this factory by Theodor Tobler, and his cousin Emil Baumann in 1908.
Toblerone is a combination of Almonds, Honey, and Milk chocolate. Tobler combined his new ingredients into his candy bar and after the chocolate hardened in a mold, they packaged and sold it. Toblerone’s name is a combination of Theodor’s last name, Tobler, and an Italian word “Torrone,” which means nougat.
The packaging of the Toblerone is triangular shape, like the famous mountain in Switzerland, the Matterhorn. The package has an image of the Matterhorn on the front along with a bear, a symbol of Bern. It has also been noted that the Toblerone triangular shape represents famous dancers.
They made the chocolate for a few reasons: one, they wanted to make a business, two, they could earn money, and three, they wanted a unique treat for people to enjoy. There are now ten different sizes of the Toblerone and it comes in eleven different varieties, Dark chocolate, White chocolate, Crunchy salted almond, Snow top, and much more. In 2008 they celebrated Toblerone’s 100th anniversary! Toblerone is still a wonderful and delicious treat to enjoy now.